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Scott Donatelli last athlete to cross 430 mile finish line

On Feb. 15th at 16:50 Angus Currie (UK) and Alexander Allen (UK) crossed the finish line as a team and as such in the team category they rank in 1st place. As individual athletes they came in 8th position. On foot they are the 2nd team that actually managed to stay together all the way and finish together.

Next up was Jessie Thomson-Gladish (Canada) who won the xc-ski category and overall placed 10th. I can’t say it often enough, doing the MYAU 430 mile race is tough, no matter what. But to finish it on xc-skis is even more incredible. She told me that she was close to throwing her “misery sticks” into the bush several times. Instead she overcame those dark moments and is also the first ever woman to do the 430 miles on xc-skis.

Gillian Smith (Canada) kept us in suspense with her SPOT not always sending. It was her second go at the 430 miles and she was very strong even though she had shin splints and a painful wrist. Her rank is 11th overall.

Last but not least, we were able to welcome Scott Donatelli (Canada) who had left the last 4 checkpoints saying “I won’t go any further than the next one”. However, each time he found the motivation to keep on going and trying. He arrived in Dawson on the 16h at 02:41 well ahead of the cut-off. So, I am glad he did not give up.

If you have not already checked it out, in our facebook group we have tons of photos and also videos. Some of the photos already are available in our gallery here on When I have faster internet, I will also upload the videos here on the website.

All crew and athletes still with the race came safely back to Whitehorse last night. We had dinner and some beers at the Coast High Country Inn and it was great to see all the happy faces. Safe trip home everyone!

The results table will be updated again today and then I will write my traditional, final race report.

4 more athletes reach the Dawson City finish line

After Laura Trentani four more athletes have reached the finish line so far:

Magdalena Paschke (Germany) 14th at 18:20 = 271 h and 50 min (rank 4 overall and 2nd women)

Scott Thomson (Australia) 14th at 20:23 = 273 h and 53 min (rank 5 overall and 3rd men)

Joaquin Candel (USA) 14th at 22:37 = 276 h and 7 min (rank 6 overall and 4th men)

Javed Bhatti (UK) 15th at 02:44 =  280 h and 14 min (rank 7 overall and 5th men)

They were all tired but of course super happy to be here. All of them underwent another frostbite check and then went to refuel with pizza, burgers and coke.

In the meantime Laura came for a visit to the checkpoint with some great cakes. It was her birthday yesterday and we all enjoyed the quick break from our routines.

This morning we checked on all athletes still out there. Reports were that they are all doing fine. Next in line are Angus Currie and Alexander Allen (both UK) who probably broke the records for most time laughing and smiling during any MYAU. They really are enjoying themselves and they spread their contagious good mood wherever they go.

After these guys we expect Jessie, Gillian and Scott. We will have to see how Scott now pushes on. For him the deadline of 13 days (i.e. tomorrow morning 10:30 AM) may be challenging but of course we all keep our fingers crossed he makes it.

Our sixth video – the first three 430 mile finishers are here

This great video features some of the remotest parts of trail and the final leg towards Dawson City. You will also see the Indian River wall tent checkpoint where Stewart and Anja have been taking great care of all athletes coming through. Last but not least, you can share the emotions with us of seeing our first finishers in the city of the gold rush.

Episode 6 from the Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra Race

Episode 6 from the Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra Race

Gepostet von Montane am Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2019

Laura Trentani 1st woman to reach Dawson City

At 20:10 local time yesterday Laura Trentani (Italy) crossed the Dawson City finish line. She ranks third overall and first in the women’s category. Laura had already finished the Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra 100 and 300 miles in previous years. So, it has come as no surprise that she is also capable of finishing the 430 mile distance. She is super strong! In Dawson City she was greeted by crew members and fellow athletes. Now Laura is getting a well deserved rest.

Our fifth MYAU 2019 video – McCabe Creek to Pelly

As always, a video full of emotions. Featuring the section from McCabe Creek, where Kathy and Jerry Kruse host us every year, all the way to Pelly Crossing and Pelly Farm. The latter is a real favourite amongst MYAU athletes as they are welcomed right into Sue’s and Dale’s home, with a treatment like no other and the legendary Pelly Farm lasagne.

Episode 5 from the Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra Race – Updated Version

Episode 5 from the Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra Race – Updated Version

Gepostet von Montane am Montag, 11. Februar 2019

Christof Teuscher places 2nd

At 05:25 today Christof Teuscher from the USA crossed the Dawson City finish line to place 2nd in our 430 mile race. It was a hard last day for him. Due to fresh snow he had his snowshoes on pretty much all the time and he had to de-ice is pulk sled a couple of times after going through overflow. So, he was tired but also all smiles and apart from a couple of sore toe nails he had no major issues. Congratulations!

Now we are waiting for Laura Trentani from Italy. Laura already finished our 300 mile distance in a previous year and is now back to also see Dawson City. She is tired but keeps pushing on. I am told she has been dreaming of having a Coke for a long time. Not much longer now.

At that back, Gillian Smith (CAN), Jessie Thomson-Gladish (CAN) and a bit later also Scott Donatelli (CAN) have left Scroggie Creek. They and also all athletes in between are doing fine. The trails are soft due to yesterday’s snow and there is considerable elevation to get over. However, the finish line is now getting closer with every step and they should all make it before the 13 day cut-off.

Thierry Corbarieu wins 430 mile race

Today at 17:18 local time Thierry Corbarieu from France crossed the finish line in Dawson City, thus placing first in our 430 mile race. Thierry was moving very fast and impressed us all with his great strategy and capability to stick to his plan. He managed to handle all challenges equally well – the cold, rough trails, fresh snow – nothing slowed him down. Congratulations!

Already yesterday Ahmad Fathi Junaidi from Brunei Darussalam finished 3rd in our 300 mile race.  Ahmad did extremely well, especially considering he is from such a warm country. However, he did get a bit of frostbite on the tip of one of his thumbs on the very last leg of the race. Luckily it was not very bad and after a quick visit to see a doctor he got the okay to travel back home today as he had planned.

We closed the Pelly Farm checkpoint and now have crew in Scroggie Creek, Indian River and Dawson City. All athletes still in the 430 mile race are doing fine.

Next in Dawson City should be Christof Teuscher from the USA.

Gareth Hardcastle places second in 300 mile race

At 01:35 tonight Gareth (UK) arrived at the Pelly Crossing finish line. This means it took him 183 hours and 5 minutes to get her. He ranks 1st man and 2nd overall. Gareth has had a great race, always saying how much he loved it out there on the trail. Right now he is resting and he will drive back to Whitehorse with his sister tomorrow.