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The all new Kahtoola NANOspikes

By 23. December 2023NEWS ENGLISH

Not always when we go for winter training runs can we head for trails in nature. Often we will run on sidewalks, in city parks or trails near our home. This may mean a mixture of asphalt, ice and hard packed snow. For this our sponsor Kahtoola has got the perfect solution: THE NANOspikes.

The Kahtoola NANOspikes have been re-designed and give you the grip and safety you need when the more aggressive EXO- and MICROspikes would be too much. After having tried them out, I would say, when it comes to comfort on a running shoe, the NANOspikes are a game changer!

Nico Francis from Kahtoola headquarter in the US explains to us what the new NANOspikes are all about: