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October 2018

Update to rule #11 regarding drop bags

I updated rule #11 that deals with drop bags.

In 2019 we will try something new by having a “travelling” drop bag for the 300 and 430 mile athletes. For the marathon runners and 100 mile athletes nothing will change, they still get one drop bag for their respective finish lines.

In our facebook group I asked athletes if they prefer to A) bring their own bag, B) rent one from MYAU or C) buy one from MYAU. Most people answered they prefer to bring their own. So, all MYAU 2019 participants are more than welcome to bring their own drop bag. Please note that the bag can have a maximum volume of 80 litres, i.e. it’s okay if the bag is smaller but it can’t be larger.

Montane makes a very nice 60 litre duffle bag, the Transition 60. Should this volume be sufficient for you, it’s a great solution because it is light and still super robust. Participants are entitled to a 20% on it (and any other Montane gear). If you are interested, please contact me for the updated discount code.

I will further look into renting out and selling an 80 litre drop bag for those who prefer one of these options. I should have an update on it soon.



Update on SPOT

I have just updated the information on our usage of SPOT in the FAQ section. Please read it carefully.

The most important changes in a short overview:

  • Any rental SPOT will be handed out with the batteries. One set for the 100 and 300 miles and two sets for the 430 miles. The batteries will be invoiced with the rental fee later this year.
  • If you have a private SPOT you want to use I need to know by mid November. Otherwise, I will order a rental SPOT for you. If you do use a private SPOT you can bring your own batteries (please make sure these are the right ones!) or you can pre-order batteries that will then be handed out to you in Whitehorse.
  • If you have a private Garmin inReach you can take it along as a back-up means to communicate but you will still need to have a rental or private SPOT.

Baby it’s cold outside

“Baby it’s cold outside” (BICO) is an online awareness and educational program about hypothermia and cold injuries developed for professional Search & Rescue responders.

This program is so informative and important that I decided that all future MYAU participant need to do it as part of their preparation.

Even though athletes are not the primary target group of this training, there is a lot to be learned. It will help MYAU athletes better understand some of the things that will happen to their bodies out there in the cold. And of course there always is the possibility that an athlete becomes a first responder when encountering another athlete in trouble on the trail. If the trouble is cold related, this training will help in taking the right steps.

BICO has got several advantages which make it great for athletes:

  • It’s an online program and thus available for anyone with internet
  • It’s free of charge
  • It deals with all relevant cold weather issues and rescue scenarios in an easily understandable way
  • It’s divided up in several chapters and does not all have to be done at once
  • It’s just the right amount of information
  • At the end of it you get a certificate and thus can proof that you did the training
  • You can repeat that training as much as you want

So, any MYAU participant is asked to go to to register and do the program. Upon completion please either email me the certificate to or print it out and take it with you to the Yukon to hand in when we deal with any paperwork pre-race.

I do suggest you don’t do the training too soon or that you repeat it a week or two before the races. That way your memory of the program is still fresh when you are at the start line in Whitehorse.

Racelite features MYAU shop

Racelite is an online shop specialized in trail running. I actually started it in 2005 as a consequence to organising the MYAU and having to deal a lot with questions and issues regarding clothing and gear for the Arctic. Over the years the product range offered on Racelite has grown significantly. Thus it has become increasingly challenging to actually filter through to the products that are relevant for cold to extremely cold temperatures. In order to change that, from now on there is an MYAU Shop-in-Shop on Racelite that focuses 100% on (ultra) running in cold weather. It is called MYAU shop but of course the product featured in it is relevant for any cold weather training or event.

In addition on Racelite you will find an updated gear list with many interesting tips for winter ultra running in an event like the MYAU.