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March 2018

Books to read

As part of preparing for the Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra it makes sense to read books about cold weather races and adventures. There are some books that actually deal with the MYAU itself. In our facebook group I asked what books people found useful in their preparations. The suggestions that were made are now featured in our FAQ section.

MYAU 2019 to take place from February 3rd – 16th

As you may already have noticed I have stared to update the website with details for the Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra 2019. The race will start February 3rd in Whitehorse. That is one day after the Yukon Quest dog teams leave the capital of the Yukon to head north.

Next year we will have our 430 mile distance again. It has a time limit of 13 days. So, the total time for the race and its maximum distance is until February 16th. The other distances offered will be marathon, 100 and 300 miles.

Some things on the website still need updating. That will all be done over the next week. Parallel I am working on the Application & Waiver. For those of you who already contacted me, I will send it out once it is ready.

Anybody interested in participating, please email or phone me. As always the entry fees will go up in two steps. Therefore, if you know for sure you want to participate, it makes sense to sign up before the end of May as the cost will go up afterwards and then again after the end of August.