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January 2017

Primus Fuel

Regarding fuel pick-up at the Coast Mountain Sports, staff is ready now to help any MYAU athletes. Who needs liquid fuel can pick up 2 litres. You just need to bring your own bottles please! If you think you need more, please purchase the rest. You can put fuel in drop bags. Just make sure that the bottles you use are absolutely leak proof. Primus winter gas is available, too. Please everyone who needs it take two canisters. They have the small and the large size. You can take either one. When you go to Coast Mountain Sports for fuel, please go to the counter and tell them you are with MYAU (do not just pick the fuel off the shelves, as only staff knows what was allocated to us).


A large number of local athletes so far have only sent in their paperwork via email. This is just a quick reminder that we need the originals of all forms on February 3rd between 11:00 – 15:00 when we deal with paperwork, hand-out of maps, race bibs, etc. at Coast High Country Inn (Room: B1).

That of course also goes for all other athletes who yet have to hand something in.


For those of you who yet have to pack their luggage and are flying the next couple of days. Please put a bit of clothing in your carry-on luggage. Most things have arrived with the athletes at Whitehorse airport so far but there are some exceptions. And even though Air Canada has managed to get the missing luggage to Whitehorse pretty quickly it’s good to have some clothes for changing and whatever else you need right there with you.

MYAU rental gear

Please note that all rental gear will be handed out February 2nd from 5:00 to 6:00 PM in a room on the ground floor in the Coast High Country Inn (please ask at reception, which room it is exactIy). Some of you already informed me that you can’t be there and we arranged for another time. I also don’t mind handing out gear before that. In case you run into in the hotel, please feel free to ask and we can see if we find a time.

Regarding the rental procedure there is one small change this year. Generally, I have to say that almost all athletes do take very good care of their rented products. However, there are exceptions to the rule and it is of course a bit complicated to deal with afterwards. That is why any rental gear will now be handed out with a form that needs to be filled in and signed. In this form it will be recorded that the gear given out is 100% without fault. And if a sled bag would have a hole that has been repaired it will also be written down. Kind of like when you rent a car and confirm the state you receive it in. If there is a new damage it will depend on how bad it is as to how much I will charge. The most costly one would be a hole in your sleeping bag. So, please be careful when resting or sleeping next to a wood fire. You will find more useful care instructions on the form and I hope you agree with me that this makes sense. Not only in your interest but also in the interest of all athletes who will rent the equipment after you and also will want it to be in perfect condition.

Talking about rental gear, please take great care when you are handling your SPOT, e.g. when you attach it to something or take it off and how you attach it. On a couple of occasions athletes lost their SPOTs. Luckily so far these always have been found. If SPOT can’t be found again, the full RRP would have to be paid by the athlete.

Primus Winter Gas and Powerfuel

Thanks to the support of Primus and Coast Mountain Sports we can once again offer free fuel to all MYAU participants. You just need to go to Coast Mountain Sports and there you can choose between Primus Winter Gas cartridges and the liquid Powerfuel.

Please note that the Primus Winter Gas is recommended for temperatures down to – 22° C, a range which is very remarkable for gas. You just need to be aware that if temperatures are below this level you will likely experience difficulties. In that case you need to be set-up well for building a wood fire and heating water or preparing a meal on it. On their website Primus have also put together a great source of information regarding the different types of fuel, cooking in winter and many other important info if you are using stoves in the outdoors. So, please check it out.

Those of you renting a Primus stove kit which includes the OmniLite Ti multi fuel stove, you will get 2 fuel bottles together with the stove and can get these filled at Coast Mountain Sports, too.


Just a quick reminder to all participants to send in the originals of ALL/any missing paperwork by mail (not email) before January 20th. Please send it to

Robert Pollhammer
Isarstr. 23
82499 Wallgau

Keep a copy of everything and take it with you to Whitehorse just in case something gets lost in the mail. The reason why I ask you to do this rather than bringing the originals of everything to Whitehorse is that it’s stressful for both you and the organising team to deal with paperwork issues at such a late point in time. Especially with such a full race roster.

Cancellation Fees

Several cancellations have reached me over the last few weeks. Sports injuries and changed work committments being the main reasons. Everybody who still is on the race roster but considering to cancel, plese keep in mind that there are now cancellation fees. The closer we get to the race, the higher the fees. Not paying the final invoice does not equal a cancellation! If you do not participate I need a written information on it. Or a phone call.


If you had a look at the schedule you may have noticed that not all activities will be at the Coast High Country Inn this time. You will find the schedule in the Race Info section.

Please note that our race chaplain Pat Cooke-Rogers will hold a prayer meeting on Feb. 4th at 14:00 in the Coast High Country Inn. People from all faiths are welcome to attend.