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August 2017

Muktuk Adventures to become new Marathon Finish

In 2018 the Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra Marathon Finish and first checkpoint will be at Muktuk Adventures! It will be a great place for the organising team, athletes and local supporters to be. Not only is it very exciting to be at the kennel that was started by Yukon Quest legend Frank Turner and his wife Anne Tayler in 1995. Frank also happens to be one of the first to support our race – at a time when many thought that it is a bit “crazy”.

Participants and visitors will be able to see how a professional kennel and tourist operation is set up. And the dogs not out on a tour that day will certainly enjoy getting the attention of those of us who love dogs. All athletes who want to go mushing before or after the MYAU will also get a 20% discount from Muktuk Adventures. It’s a great way to see the trail and experience this very traditional mode of transport. If you are interested, please let me know.