Renting products for the MYAU

Some of the gear you will need for the MYAU can be very expensive if you have to buy it. Other gear you may only need once or may not want to transport it all the way to the Yukon and back. Rental gear can be a good solution.

In this section you find an overview on the gear that you can rent while in the Yukon. If you want to rent please contact me:

Robert Pollhammer
Phone: +49 (0) 8858-7723010

Also, if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

P.S. Another way to save some money may be to buy or borrow used gear from athletes who have done the YAU already. You can send me an email and I will include your enquiry in one of the next newsletters. And you may want to use the MYAU forum on Facebook in order to get in touch with athletes who have done the MYAU in previous years.

Pulk Sleds

For rental sleds we use the Northern Sled Works Siglin Pulk which is made in Fairbanks, Alaska. For details and features please check out our section on Pulk Sleds.

The rental sled comes with poles but without a harness, cover or bag.

Rental is EUR 110.00 including tax (regardless of the distance you enter).

Harnesses and sled bags

For rental harnesses we offer the Snowsled harnesses which are available in 3 sizes. The sizes are minimum body waist measurements:

32 – 35 in (81 – 89 cm)
36 – 41 in (92 – 104 cm)
42 – 46 in (107 – 117 cm)

The following instructions are from Snowsled:

  • Bear in mind that you may well feel more comfortable wearing your harness slightly lower than your waist, possibly at hip level. The sizes above allow for thermal and shell clothing layers.
  • The belts use a duel density foam layer within a hard wearing Cordura cover, the softer foam being on the inside. At times you may find it more comfortable to haul with the waistbelt loosened.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps are a double layer of 50 mm webbing, with a moveable and adjustable chest strap to ensure a comfortable fit.
  • Standard harnesses are designed for hauling by either ropes or rigid shafts – our rental harness will have both.

Rental is EUR 35.00 including tax (regardless of the distance you enter).

Sled bags

If you need a sled bag, we also have a product from Snowsled:

This sled bag weighs 1.15 kg and has a capacity of 250 litres. Rental is EUR 49.00 including tax (regardless of the distance you enter).

Sleeping Bag

Carinthia is an Austrian specialist company for producing sleeping systems and insulated clothing for cold weather. Their D1200X is great for the Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra.

The technical features:

Extreme temperature range: down to – 65.2° C
Weight: 2,080 g (size L)
Size: 230 cm long, 54 cm wide in the foot area and 83 cm wide at the shoulders
Packing size: can be compressed to 22 x 25 cm
Fabric outside/inside: Shellproof Ultra (100% PA + PU membran)/Shelltex Ultra (100% PA at 32 g/m²)
Fill: 1,300 g original European Snow Goose Down (95/5) and 800 Cuin

Including a rugged compression stuff sack from. The full details of the D1200X you will find on Carinthia’s website.

The rental sleeping bag does NOT include a bivouac bag nor foam pad or similar.

The regular sales price is EUR 1,199.99. The rental fee is EUR 250.00 regardless of the race distance. Also, MYAU athletes may purchase the sleeping bag at a reduced price.

Stove Kit

Thanks to Primus you can also rent the OmniLite Ti which is probably the best expedition multi-fuel stove on the market. It may help you save some cost and it certainly will help you avoid the headache of taking a stove with you on a flight.

The rental package also includes a Primus Eta pot 1.0 l and a Primus Powerlighter. The RRP of all these products together is EUR 284.85 (stove = EUR 229.95 / pot = EUR 24.95 / lighter = EUR 19.95). The rental is EUR 80.00.