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October 2015

Update to rule #13

Yesterday I updated race rule #13. The basic message of this rule remains the same. Anybody participating in the MYAU needs to have sufficient insurance cover for medical emergencies. The new part is concerning the fact that from now on we need to see paperwork that proofs the existence of this insurance cover. I do not particularly like it as it adds to the “bureaucracy” of the race. However, circumstances left me with no other choice. And since it is in each participant’s very own interest I hope it will not cause too many issues.

In general, it would be good if all athletes familiarize themselves with the race rules. Every now and then we have participants who seem totally unaware of some of the important information that is contained there. Needless to say that the consequence can be quite stressful – both for the participants and everyone involved in organising.

Carinthia new sleeping bag supplier

Our race in 2015 once again demonstrated that the low temperatures can bring the participants to their limit. -50 degrees Celsius caused a lot of problems. It it gets this cold you really want a perfect sleeping bag. That’s why I am very happy that Carinthia has joined the group of companies supporting the MYAU. The Austrian specialist company makes some of the world’s best products for the cold and the Carinthia ECC Expedition 1200 is now our official sleeping bag.

This product has got the unique DIScover (Dry Insulation System) feature. This system, designed and patented by Carinthia, ensures a quicker moisture transport and more effective way to get rid of humidity that would otherwise stay in the down – in this way you remain warmer and drier, especially during periods of extended use. Which is exactly what athletes in the 300 and 430 mile race are looking for. Overall it is probably the sleeping bag with the best warmth to weight ratio on the market. A fact that helps the management of space in any sled.

In general the specs of the ECC Expedition 1200 (size M) are great. 1,200 g CQ-Down™ snow goose down 95/5, 800 Cuin, trapezoidal baffle construction, differencial cut, pre-formed down lined thermo collar, zipper heat strip and overall great quality make this sleeping bag a perfect solution for the MYAU. The extreme temperature rating (DIN EN 13537) of – 65.2 degrees Celsius is more than our rules require. Its weight is around 1,890 g and the recommende retail price is EUR 1,149.99. Participants of the MYAU can rent the Carinthia ECC Expedition 1200 for EUR 250.00. For more details on Carinthia’s great range of products please visit