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March 2021

Update on training courses


Athletes without extreme cold weather experience have to participate in a winter training course. One option for such a course is with friends of the MYAU in the Yukon and just before the race. The information on the course that Shelley Gellatly offers together with Jessie Gladish, Gillian Smith and Marianne Heading has now been updated.

For 2022 this course is re-designed. Most of the parts that normally would have taken part indoors in the Yukon will now be dealt with in the months leading up to the race and via online meeting. The outdoor part of the course that involves, among other things, testing and working with gear still takes place in Whitehorse, from January 29th to 31st. Another change is that the course consists of several modules. Athletes who need to take the course must participate in all modules. Those athletes who do not need to take a course can book individual modules if they want to.

For all information please check out the section on Training Courses.

Stewart and Jo Stirling have not had a chance to plan for 2022, yet. When they have news I will let you all know.


MYAU 2022 start date confirmed


The Yukon Quest now confirmed their start date and location for 2022. Based on this announcement we are able to set the dates for the Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra 2022, too. We will start on February 3rd at Shipyard’s Park in Whitehorse. The Quest will take off in Fairbanks and this means – as always when this is the case – that our maximum distance is 300 miles to Pelly Crossing. So, we will offer a marathon, 100 and 300 mile race. The next 430 mile race with a finish in Dawson City will take place in 2023.

There is obviously still a chance that even next winter Covid-19 will somehow impact the MYAU. We will continuously monitor the situation and stay in touch with the regional authorities.

Applications should be possible from next week. Anybody interested, please get in touch and you will receive the paperwork as soon as it is ready.