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February 2014

All athletes safely reach Braeburn

Jim Moonie and Roger Norris were the last 100 mile athletes to reach Braeburn. They were in very good shape and said they really enjoyed the experience. Diane gave them a ride back to Whitehorse.

300 milers Ali, Linda, Gabriela and Pietro also arrived in Braeburn. They are now resting and hopefully leave again soon. Not that we don’t want them here but they have the 4 days and 12 hours deadline in Carmacks coming up.

Johnny is racing towards Carmacks as I write this. And Torben is not too far behind him. Why are these Danish always in such a hurry?!

Brian Bell from Ireland is currently our number 3. Then followed by a group that is fairly close together.

The trail is very icy and the lakes are wind blown. It’s a good thing they all have spikes.

Temperatures may go down to -36 next week. That will be a challenge. Luckily by then they all will get used to it a bit.

Johnny Wulff Anderson leading in the 300 mile race

Johnny Wulff Andersen from Denmark arrived at Ken Lake at 12:25 and left exactly one hour later. He surprised the crew there as his SPOT is not working. They tried a reset but it still is not sending. We will give him a replacement unit in Carmacks. He does have shin splints but otherwise he is fine.

Davide Ugolini decided not to continue his 300 mile race. It was not easy for him to decide that because he trained hard for the YAU and otherwise he was perfectly fine. But it probably was the right decision because to do another 200 miles with a sports injury will not make things better. We all hope he recovers well and comes back next year.

We have also seen more 100 mile finishers. Congratulations to you all. For the times please see the results table.

I also want to congratulate our female 100 mile finisers. Maren Kraft from Germany (arrival 31st/21:39) places 1st. Mandy Miller (USA) and Mary Betts (Canada) place 2nd (arrival 31st/23:30). Mei Zhou from China arrives this morning at 07:24 and thus ranks 4th. Well done you all!

Nobody scratches at Dog Grave Lake

In 12 years of organising this race we have never had zero scratches at Dog Grave Lake. So, the trail is in pretty good shape and so are the athletes. I am really happy!

Yesterday was a busy day. I did write an update but when I then pushed the delete  rather than the safe button I decided it was best if I sleep a bit … I am back in action now and will try to catch up as best as I can.

First of all an update on photos. I am having problems with the upload onto our website. Facebook worked. So, there are plenty of pictures in our group there. At same point later today I will give it another go in the gallery here.

Local runner Karl McEwan wins the 100 mile foot category

Karl looked strong when I saw him at Takhini Hot Springs and he did not slow down very much. He arrived in Braeburn yesterday at 09:58 and I am told he sprinted the last few miles.

Rank 2 goes to Michael Stashin, also from Canada, who arrived at 11:55. Michael secret weappons were an amazingly positive attitude to everything and everyone. AND some serious tobogganing down the many hills. He did break his sled doing it but made it to the finish line no problem.

Simon Donato came in before Michael at 10:04. Which means he placed 3rd overall and 1st in the xc-ski category. This makes him also the first xc-skier ever to reach the 100 mile finish on the first attempt.

Peter Mild from Sweden arrived at 18:30 ranking 3rd in the foot category. Congratulations!

On to the MTB category. Tim Sommers from the US got in at 14:44 and placed second. Andrew Gregory from England checked-in at 16:10 being the 3rd athlete on bike.

They all got their transfers back to Whitehorse yesterday.

We had more athletes arriving and the results table is pretty up to date. Whoever is not at the 100 mile finish yet, will make it in time for the cut-off.

Torben Jensen from Denmark is currently the leading 300 miler. Our crew at Ken Lake is waiting for him and happy to get something to do. Then there is a gap to Johnny Wulff Andersen and Brian Bell. As I left Braeburn Logde a little while ago others were getting ready to leave. Some are still resting. Davide Ugoli from Italy who had been first is still debating whether to go on or not. He had an inury about 3 months ago and it is hurting again. Tim Wilks also was in pain but he said “I do not give up easily” and will give it a go.

The sun is out and it is beautiful here. It will hopefully give all 300 milers the energy they need. Sue at Pelly Farm is waiting with Lasagne guys!!!

Everybody who finished last night or this morning will get a shuttle back to Whitehorse around noon.