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The Italian locomotive

By 10. February 2015January 22nd, 2018ARCHIV ENGLISCH, NEWS ENGLISH

We have some really great team spirit going on amongst the front running mountain bikers. Derek Crowe was clearly in the lead when he got to Braeburn today. But instead of taking off again he waited for Enrico to arrive to make sure he can help fix the problem on his bike. The Italian has got a technical problem with it due to the cold. As a matter of fact he pushed his bike all the way from Dog Grave Lake to Braeburn lodge. His friend Alberto always not too far away.

On the trail we can’t really help with technical problems. At checkpoints that’s a different story. We were really lucky to have Andy Gregory with us, too. Because he also jumped in and helped co-ordinate technical support for Enrico’s bike. And Enrico’s heroe of the day has to be Jonah Clark from Icycle. Jonah came all the way from his store in Whitehorse to repair the bike. Thank you Jonah!