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Niclas and David arrive in Dawson

By 20. February 2015January 22nd, 2018ARCHIV ENGLISCH, NEWS ENGLISH

At 15:15 today Niclas Bentzer and David Erixon reached the 430 mile finish line in Dawson. They rank 2nd in the xc-ski category and 8th overall. Jörn and his friends had the great idea to welcome them with some music from ABBA. It was great fun to watch on this beautiful and sunny day. Niclas and David have impressed us all with their perfect race strategy and of course we all loved their great humor and spirits. I should also mention that physically they seem to have returned from a short walk in a park. Of course they are tired but they do NOT look as if they have just been on xc-skis for more than 400 miles in conditions that some times were more than extreme. Congratulations!

Our crew several times checked on Bernhard, Jessie, Julie and Sean. The reports have always been the same. The last one just coming in a little more than an hour ago from Gerard who transported out the gear from Indian River. They are all fine. Bernhard is very tired but still in the lead. He is the one we expect next.