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From Carmacks to Pelly

By 10. February 2019February 14th, 2019NEWS ENGLISH

With Michael Faergegaard (Denmark) and Shelley Gellatly (Canada) two more 430 mile participants are not in the race anymore. Michael had a sore knee and Shelley was starting to develop frostbite on some of her fingertips. That means for our race to Dawson City we are now down to 14 athletes (from 40 who started). In the 300 mile race we have got 3 athletes remaining.

Front runner in the 430 miles is still Thierry Corbarieu from France. He was held for a few more than the normal 8 hours at Pelly Farm to make sure the crew can get ahead of him. Once I know the exact additional time he stayed, he will get that credited. Next in line is Christof Teuscher (USA) who is still looking very strong, too. Since Enrico is unranked (due to switching from xc-ski to running), Laura Trentani from Italy is currently our number three.

In the 300 mile race Marianne Heading (UK) is in front of Gareth Hardcastle (UK) and Ahamad Fathi Junaidi (Brunei Darussalam). With a bit of luck we will be able to welcome them all before Feb. 11th at the finish line in Pelly Crossing.