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This morning the crew at Dog Grave Lake re-checked if all athletes had the necessary kit to build a fire and operate a stove. They also checked the athlete’s clothing and made sure everything was as dry as possible under these circumstances. We passed on the recommendation that athletes team up if they can maintain roughly the same speed and made them aware of the risks which remain high at these temperatures. Some athletes then left.

Unfortunately, the extreme cold has led to mechanical problems. We are experiencing snow machine and generator failures. And it’s not just us. It got down to – 46 here at Muktuk and – 50 degrees C at Braeburn. In these temperatures things start to break. Therefore, we put the race on hold again. Dog Grave Lake will see if they can bring the athletes who left the checkpoint back to where they started from. Not sure if they succeed. Likely the athletes will also not be very impressed. They are fine and have what they need. However, if possible we want to avoid the risk of delayed rescues in case it is needed.

Guides Glenn and Spencer will get to Braeburn around noon. Gary, Tony and Josh continue to do mechanical work in Braeburn but may have to return to Whitehorse to get everything fixed.

Once Glenn and Spencer are in Braeburn, we will decide the next steps.