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Athletes on their way again

By 4. February 2018NEWS ENGLISH
As you all will have seen by now the race is continuing. As soon as we had functioning ski-doos at Braeburn Lodge we gave the “go”. All remaining athletes are moving well. Our guides saw them coming into Dog Grave Lake and also on their way out again. Since it is still very cold (down to – 45 degrees Celsius) we may well see more cases of frostbite. Now that we are back to normal we will be able to update more frequently.
Tomorrow I should also get new photos from the trail. Today it was too cold to send Joe Bishop out for photography. In case you have not checked it out, I can also recommend our facebook group.
Right now the crew is waiting for Jovica at Braeburn Lodge. He may arrive there as I am writing this. After that it should be a fairly steady flow of participants reaching the checkpoint.
I want to send a big thank you to Stewart, Robert, Pam, Anja, Gary and Ross who were at the Dog Grave Lake checkpoint. At these temperatures running a remote checkpoint is no easy task. Also a big thank you to the ski-doo guides who were busy all day fixing mechanical problems and doing trail checks to make sure everyone was as safe as can be. And last but not least thank you to the checkpoint volunteers for their effort and patience with continuously changing plans.
Everyone really enjoyed Muktuk Adventures! So, thank you to Manuela, Jeff and the entire team. It could not have been a better experience!
If any athletes would head out to Ken Lake tonight, the trail is ready and so are Bernard and Hector at the checkpoint. It is a long stretch and again a very remote location. Tomorrow we will also open up the Carmacks checkpoint.
Right now the trail guides are resting and Diane, Julie, Medina and Branka will welcome the athletes reaching the 100 mile point. We should also soon see our 100 mile distance winner Emanuele Gallo!