SPOT Tracking 2019

Ich habe die Informationen zum Thema SPOT-Tracking in der Rubrik FAQ aktualisiert. Teilnehmer sollten sich das aufmerksam durchlesen. Das Wichtigste zusammengefasst:

  • Mietgeräte werden jetzt mit Batterien ausgehändigt. Ein Set für die 100 und zwei Sets für die 300 und 430 Meilen. Die Berechnung erfolgt mit der Mietrechnung.
  • Wenn du ein privates Gerät mitnehmen möchtest, informiere mich bitte bis 15. November. Bekomme ich keine Info, gehe ich davon aus, dass du ein Mietgerät brauchst. Wenn du ein privates Gerät benutzt, kannst du die Batterien selbst mitbringen (die richtigen!), oder Batterien bei mir vorbestellen und dann in Whitehorse abholen.
  • Private Garmin inReach können gerne als Back-up mitgenommen werden, ersetzen aber zukünftig das SPOT-Gerät nicht.

Baby it’s cold outside

„Baby it’s cold outside“ (BICO) is an online awareness and educational program about hypothermia and cold injuries developed for professional Search & Rescue responders.

This program is so informative and important that I decided that all future MYAU participant need to do it as part of their preparation.

Even though athletes are not the primary target group of this training, there is a lot to be learned. It will help MYAU athletes better understand some of the things that will happen to their bodies out there in the cold. And of course there always is the possibility that an athlete becomes a first responder when encountering another athlete in trouble on the trail. If the trouble is cold related, this training will help in taking the right steps.

BICO has got several advantages which make it great for athletes:

  • It’s an online program and thus available for anyone with internet
  • It’s free of charge
  • It deals with all relevant cold weather issues and rescue scenarios in an easily understandable way
  • It’s divided up in several chapters and does not all have to be done at once
  • It’s just the right amount of information
  • At the end of it you get a certificate and thus can proof that you did the training
  • You can repeat that training as much as you want

So, any MYAU participant is asked to go to to register and do the program. Upon completion please either email me the certificate to or print it out and take it with you to the Yukon to hand in when we deal with any paperwork pre-race.

I do suggest you don’t do the training too soon or that you repeat it a week or two before the races. That way your memory of the program is still fresh when you are at the start line in Whitehorse.

MYAU-Shop powered by Racelite

Racelite ist ein Online-Shop für Trail Runner. 2005 habe ich diesen ins Leben gerufen, da ich aufgrund meiner Arbeit mit dem MYAU immer viele Fragen in Sachen Ausrüstung und Bekleidung für die Arktis bekommen habe. Mit den Jahren ist unser Angebot enorm gewachsen. Dadurch ist es etwas schwieriger geworden, die doch eher speziellen Produkte für Winter-Ultras im Shop zu finden. Damit sich das ändert, habe ich jetzt alle Produkte für Läufe bei extremer in einem MYAU Shop-in-Shop zusammengefasst. Und natürlich sind die Produkte, die dort zu finden sind, nicht nur für den MYAU relevant und interessant. Auch die Teilnehmer an anderen Wettbewerben in der Kälte werden hier sicher fündig.

Zusätzlich gibt es auf Racelite eine ausführliche Ausrüstungliste für den MYAU, die gerade aktualisiert worden ist.

Exped sleeping mats for rent

From next year onwards we will rent out Exped DownMat XP 9 sleeping mats. These mats have an R-value of 8 and are rated down to – 38° Celsius. With the help of the included pumpbag you can inflate this mat in no time and you won’t get humidity inside.

To have the best possible sleeping mat is absolutely vital for a sleeping system that needs to work in even the most extreme temperatures. And that is not to say that at – 40 or colder this sleeping mat will guarantee you a warm and cozy night. You still need to have picked the right spot for your camp, be well hydrated, have the right liner and bivouac bag or tent. Your sleeping bag needs to be dry and you may need to build a wood fire. But if you do not have a good piece of insulation between your sleeping bag and the ground these temperatures will be dangerous and there is no way you will get any rest.

For all the information on the product and the rental price please check out Rentals in our Service section.

The Reckless raven

You are wondering what the Yukon is like in the summer? And while you check it out you would like to run an ultra? How about entering the Reckless raven?

The Reckless raven is a 50 miles race with beautiful single track trails, quad roads, 3 ridges, 2 peaks, about 2,361 m of elevation gain, water crossings and fun aid stations. You can participate solo or as a team of 2 runners. The third edition will be held on June 30th, 2019 with a start in Whitehorse. Registration will open in October. You can follow the Raven on facebook  and of course there is a website, too:

Das Downtown Hotel, unser Partner-Hotel in Dawson City

Das Downtown Hotel ist wieder unser Partner-Hotel in Dawson City. Zur Erinnerung, die Übernachtung in Dawson City ist nicht Teil der Teilnahmegebühren und ein Übernachten am Checkpoint ist leider nicht möglich. Alle Athleten/-innen müssen die Übernachtungen in Dawson City selbst buchen und bezahlen. Vom Downtown Hotel gibt es für die Teilnehmer-/innen reduzierte Zimmerpreise. Die entsprechende Info in unserem Reiseplaner ist entsprechend aktualisiert..

Ihr werdet dort sehen, dass es Zimmerpreise sind, die nicht auf Personenbasis berechnet werden. Wenn ihr also ein Zimmer teilen möchtet, könnt ihr entsprechend etwas Geld sparen. Bitte nutzt unser facebook Gruppe wenn ihr dazu mit anderen MYAU Teilnehmern Kontakt aufnehmen möchtet.

Wir haben keine Transfers von Dawson City nach Whitehorse vor dem 16. Februar. Wenn ihr also vorher ankommt, könnt ihr die Zeit für etwas Erholung nutzen und andere Athleten an der Ziellinie begrüßen. Wir fahren dann alle gemeinsam am 16. Februar gegen Mittag zurück nach Whitehorse. Ankunft am späten Nachmittag.

Wer besonders früh in Dawson City ankommt, oder keinen längeren Transfer in einem Van möchte, kann auf eigene Kosten einen Flug von Dawson City nach Whitehorse mit Air North zu buchen. Ich empfehlen keine allzu optimistische Planung, denn es kann immer etwas dazwischen kommen, das im Rennen zu Verzögerungen führt. Vorausgesetzt, der Flug ist nicht ausgebucht, kann auch kurzfristig und nach Erreichen des 430 Meilen Finish die Buchung gemacht werden.

Pertex® neuer „Gold“ Sponsor

Seit fast 40 Jahren arbeitet Pertex eng mit den führenden Outoorbekleidungs- und -ausrüstungsmarken zusammen, mit dem Ziel, leichte und innovative Stoffe für alle Umweltbedingungen zu produzieren. Pertex Stoffe vermeiden dabei überflüssiges Gewicht, ohne Kompromisse in Sachen Funktionalität oder Robustheit einzugehen. Und die Produkte von Pertex haben schon zahlreiche Abenteuer und Expeditionen unter härtesten Bedingungen erlebt. Teilnehmer beim Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra benutzen jedes Jahr viele Produkte, die aus Pertex Stoffen gemacht sind. Deshalb bin ich sehr stolz, dass wir Pertex ab sofort als neuen „Gold“ Sponser mit an Bord haben.

Mehr Infos zu Pertex und den Produkten des Herstellers gibt es auf

Rule Update

I have just updated rule #7 regarding mandatory gear. From the 2019 edition onwards it is a requirement that all ultra distance athletes carry vacuum-insulated bottles with a combined volume of at least 3 litres. If you prepare yourself for the MYAU you will quickly find out that hydration is very essential. Not drinking enough comes with many risks, one of these being higher chances of getting frostbite and/or hypothermia.

Please do not mistake this for a recommendation as to how much you need to drink per day. As a matter of fact if you are moving almost all day you will need significantly more to drink in 24 hours than just 3 litres. So, you need to work out a strategy and this may well mean to actually take 5 or 6 litres of liquid along on the trail. Maybe all of it in vacuum-insulated bottles, maybe a mixture of 3 litres in vacuum-insultated bottles and the rest in an insulated hydration bladder. And there are other options for more volume like insulated Nalgene bottles or similar. Another thing to factor in is your willingness to stop and melt snow or ice. If you are happy to do that you need to have less hot drinks with you. But of course you need to consider the chances of a stove failure (which then means you need to build a wood fire). And even if technology does not fail, operating a stove in extremely cold temperatures in itself can be dangerous, not to mention time consuming. Last but not least, you do of course have the checkpoints where you can (re-)hydrate and get as much hot water for on the go as you want. Here I want to mention that chances are, sometimes your timing is off and you need more time to get to a checkpoint than you had planned. Which means you may end up needing more water between two checkpoints than you had expected.

Be prepared, play it safe and do not risk getting dehydrated. It is probably one of the top reasons for people to be faced with a DNF.

Total North – our partner for satellite communication

Total North will be our partner for satellite communication at the Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra 2019. For years this local specialist company has been providing satellite phones for our crew and it’s great to have them on board once again.

Whilst in Whitehorse and places like Carmacks, Pelly Crossing and Dawson City cell phones work just fine. However, in between there is no cell phone coverage. So, for a race like the MYAU there is no way around using sat phones for communcating from trail or remote checkpoint to race HQ. It is vital for the overall race safety and great to be able to count on the reliable phones and perfect service provided by Total North.

Total North also rent out to athletes. And I strongly recommend any athlete doing an ultra distance to have a sat phone. The SPOT is great for communicating a status but all we get is a „Help“, „Okay“ or „911“. A race participant will not be able to get across any further details using a Generation 3 SPOT. Here a sat phone can not only be a back-up (in case the SPOT fails) but you can actually tell race HQ exactly what is going on.

If you want to rent a sat phone please find the form here:

Sat Phone Rental Form – Total North

With the MYAU and Yukon Quest both leaving from Whitehorse and plenty of athletes on the race roster I do recommend you reserve your phone rather sooner than later.

And please remember, anything that runs with batteries can fail! This is also true for sat phones. So, your number one goal needs to be to stay out of trouble in order to not have to rely on any battery powered technology.

Update on Training Courses

I updated the information on training courses you can take in the Yukon to prepare yourself for the MYAU.

Once again next year there is the course that is organized by Jo and Stewart Stirling. This course will take place for the third time and it is based at Scuttlebutt Lodge, just a few miles away from our 100 mile finish line at Braeburn Lodge. The timing of this 4-day course allows athletes to participate in it and then do the race right afterwards.

The second course is organized by Shelley Gellatly and she has got the support of friends like Jessie Thomson-Gladish and Gillian Smith. This course is now also 4 days long, has got the same timeline and also takes place just before the race. It will be based at the Takhini Hot Springs Hostel.

The reason why there now are two multi-day courses is simple. For a course to be really good, the number of participants needs to be limited. Due to high demand it made sense to have two possible and more extensive courses. That way there should be enough training capacity and we won’t have to turn anybody away who wants to sign up but does not have sufficient experience, yet.

Both courses are also open to athletes who want to participate in other cold weather races. Of course it is possible to come to the Yukon and do a course one year and participate in the MYAU in another year. In case you prefer to do it in two trips.

For more information on the courses please go to the Training Courses info section.